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Vaping & The FDA

In late July 2017, the FDA announced that they would be adjusting their original ruling. First and foremost, the deadline for the extensive approval applications was extended considerably. Originally, the deadline for submittal was August 8, 2017 – a date that most vaping companies had zero chance of making. Now, vape businesses have an extra 5 years to get through the long and expensive process, with a new due date of August 8, 2022.

What Does This Mean for the Vaping Community?

The biggest and most exciting takeaway from the latest FDA statement is that at long last, vaping is receiving the recognition it deserves as a viable, better-for-you pathway for those looking to stop smoking.

What Does This Mean for the Vaping Community?

At YGIIV, we are hopeful for a future in which vaping is recognized as the innovative alternative to tobacco cigarettes that is truly is. We are proud to offer a selection of quality products to people looking to make the transition away from smoking, and our goal is to continue to provide education and information to the public, working towards our goal of helping people end their tobacco addition. You are welcome to contact our friendly, professional team if you are interested in learning more.