About Us

This company was made because we believe there needed to be an easy more often way to bring up the conversation about vaping to the general public. Especially between vapers and non-vapers. Very many people in the United States have such a bad image of vaping. Even though vaping has so many benefits over the alternative. It literally has saved my life and many others that I know of. Yet the FDA may still be trying to ban it. 

It is very important to me that this growing industry to keep going and thriving. For the industry to grow, the vape community has to come together and spread the word to others that do not know about the amazing benefits. We can't just stand around not doing anything while the FDA cracks down insane rules halting the industry.

So here I am now, I have created "YGIIV" or "You get it, I Vape" to supply high-quality looking apparel that will spread the word and support vaping. 


- Cody
    YGIIV Owner